16 Channel HD TURBO DVR

This 16 Channel HD TURBO DVR is a Tri-brid DVR which can support TURBO HD, Analog and IP Cameras. The DVR features 4 Audio Inputs, 2 USB Ports and 1080p Video Output.


  • Tri-brid System: accepts TURBO HD, Analog and IP Cameras
  • Mobile Phone and Computer Viewing and Playback
  • 16 BNC Video Inputs (for TURBO HD and Analog Cameras)
  • Add up 18 Cameras via the support for (2) TURBO HD IP Camera
  • 1920x1080 HDMI and VGA Outputs: both ports can be used simultaneously
  • 4 Audio Inputs with 1 Audio Output
  • 1080p Recording Resolution on ALL Cameras*
  • Overwrite: erases the oldest videos and information when the memory is full and replaces it with new videos and information; can be turned on or off
  • 3 Recording Modes:
    • Scheduled: adjust the 24/7 grid to personal preferences; can record or not record at set times throughout the day
    • Manual: records and stops recording only when record is pressed
    • Event (Motion): records only when motion is detected
  • Motion Detection Area: select the area in which the camera will detect motion and adjust the sensitivity
  • Export via USB: save selected videos on a USB for personal records
  • Digital Zoom: this feature applies to all cameras on live or playback
  • Video Content Analytics: alerts via full screen monitoring, beeping sound or sends an email
    • Line Detection: draw a line and alerts when a person/object crosses a line
    • Box Detection: draw a box and alerts when a person/object goes into the box or lingers for a set period of time
  • Instant Playback: playback the last 5 minutes instantly during live-view
  • Smart Search Playback: the DVR will only playback the video when there was motion in a specific area selected by the user
  • Tagging: tag a specific time and date on the playback video and quickly search for that tag at a later time
  • Privacy Masking: when a certain area on the camera is selected the DVR will not see or record in that particular area
  • Video Tampering: when the DVR detects that the camera is being tampered with an alert is sent via full screen monitoring, a beeping sound or sends an email
  • Video Loss Alert: alerts when the camera looses video via full screen monitoring, beeping sound or sends an email
  • RS-485 for PTZ Control
  • 8 Alarm Inputs and 1 Alarm Output
  • Supports (2) SATA Hard Drives with up to 4 TB of Memory on Each for a Maximum of 8 TB of Memory


Dimensions: 14.96" x 11.42" x 1.89"


The box includes a 16 Channel HD TURBO DVR, wired USB mouse, remote control, quick guide and CD with full manual.


*The DVR will record in 1080p if the camera resolution is 1080p.